Category: Tower Defense Game.
Platforms: AndroidTM.
Versions: Element Defense (purchase version), Element Defense Lite (free trial).
App Size: about 12MB.

Description: Element Defense is a tower defense game for Android TM . Build melee, range and wizard towers to defeat incoming creeps. Destroy elemental creeps to unleash the power of earth, fire, water, air and darkness. Play 3 maps, 6 difficulty levels, build 15 tower types and destroy more than 50 creep types.

Element Defense (at Google PlayTM)
Element Defense Lite (at Google PlayTM)



Main Screen

In the main menu you can

  1. Start a new game (see below)
  2. Resume the last game. Any game you leave or which is interrupted by incoming events will automatically be saved.
  3. Options: enable/disable audio at all, control volume of music and sound fx, choose whether to random elementals or not (see below).
  4. XP Upgrades: when playing games, you gain XP. When you collected enough XP points, you can exchange them for upgrades (e.g. tower damage, more gold, unlock special features, etc.)
  5. Trophy hall: when playing Element Defense, you can get trophies for different achievements.
  6. Quit the game.

New Game

When you start a new game, the following screen will appear. You can select one of three maps. You can select a difficulty from 1-3. When you defeated level 3, levels 4-6 are unlocked for that map. You can enable/disable audio (music and sound). You can choose whether to random elementals: at levels 10, 20, 30 and 40 elemental creeps will appear. If you defeat them, you unlock the ability to upgrade wizard towers to that elemental type. You can either select manually which elementals will appear (and thus which towers you are able to build) or you can random elementals. Pressing the start button begins a new game and cancels any previously active game, i.e. possibly available savegames will be lost (however, XP points of active games are preserved).


The figure below shows the game screen of Element Defense, separated into the following parts:

  • a) The game canvas: this is the main part of the game view. You can scroll the map by touching and moving it.
  • b) The top menu bar: gives information on current stats:

    • d) XP points: for any creep you kill, for any level you finish without losing lives and for winning trophies you gain XP. When you finish a game by winning, losing or canceling XP points are added to your overall XP points. When you have enough XP points you can exchange them for game upgrades.
    • e) The current level showing [difficulty - wave ].
    • f) Your current lifes. The game is lost if zero is reached.
    • g) Your current gold. You gain gold for killing creeps and finishing waves perfectly (i.e. without losing lifes). You can spend this gold to build towers. When you sell tower, gold will be refunded. However, the amount of gold refunded depends on the current difficulty level.
  • c) The game menu. This is hidden by default. You can bring it up by pressing the menu key of your device. From here, you can restart the current game with the same map currently playing, you can pause/resume the current game, you can go to the options screen or save and quit the game. Alternatively, you can also quit by pressing the back button twice.
  • h) The tower menu: you can build these three base tower types (melee, range and wizards) by dragging them and dropping them on the map where you want to build them. During drag&drop, the placing grid (i) appears to show the game cells and where you can build towers. Towers cannot be build on red game cells. You cannot block the way to the exit, i.e. there must always be a path for the creeps the get out. All other tower types can be build by upgrading from these three base tower types. Simply touch an existing towers (j). This will bring up the corresponding tower upgrade screen.

The figure below shows the tower upgrade screen which appears on tower selection.

You can always sell a tower (top-left button) or close the upgrade screen (top-right button or hardware back key). The gold refunded for a tower sell depends on the difficulty (less gold refunded on higher difficulties). The tower type already purchased (i.e. the selected tower) has a yellow border, which is wizard icon in that case. Tower types which can be purchased are bordered and connected with a line. These are Earth, Darkness and Darkness II in the sample, since they were already unlocked/defeated. The remaining icons are not connected since they were not unlocked yet and cannot be upgraded to. Touch a bordered tower type to purchase an upgrade. The tower will be upgraded on success or the icon turns red on failure (e.g. due to insufficient gold). For each icon, you can see the damage (base damage + xp upgrade damage), the costs and the range (in game cells).


Wizards and creeps are of elemental types (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Darkness, Normal). Depending on the type of incoming creeps, your towers will deal different damage depending on their type:

For instance, fire wizards will deal double damage to earth creeps, but only 50% to water creeps. In addition, fire buffs will not apply to water creeps, e.g. stun and splash damage will not apply in that case. Several creeps are of normal type and get 100% from all types. Also normal tower types (melee, range and base wizard types) always deal 100%. Darkness (which can be unlocked by xp upgrades) deals 50% to itself, but 150% to all others. The dragon deals pure damage, i.e. 100% to all types.

Tower types / buffs